“He had no ‘sense’ and I had no change”

This post might not have anything to do with the title. My sister just said that one day and I liked the way it sounded.

My sister is always saying funny things, and honestly I am not afraid to say that she is my best friend and one of my favorite people. We literally do everything together and I am going to miss not seeing her everyday, even when she is mean. Okay, my sister is younger than me but physically she is bigger than me and she is like my body guard. I swear when we go places people might think we are together… we split the costs when we go places and when we go to the movies we share a drink and we look NOTHING alike (we have the same chin) that is all and no one believes that we are sisters.

Anyway what I was saying about her being my body guard is last year some people were being mean to me and she said “I can be mean to syd but nobody else can.” and a few weekends ago I went through a hard time and I was crying in her truck and she told me not to cry because she would cry too, I kinda feel like were connected through the bonds of sisterhood. (If that is a thing… I hope so)

Today she left school to go to the doctor and when she came back she got me a drink from McDonalds, it made my day I didn’t even ask her to get me anything. I even gave her a little attitude this morning. (Her driving like driving with a 5 year old.)



Salty Lemon

I don’t know if I am having a bad day or if things are just making me angry today but.. DANG! I’m a salty lemon today. I look cute but I have a terrible attitude. I realize I have an attitude but i’m not in the mood to fix my attitude. I will be a salty lemon and everyone can just deal with it for now until I figure out what is wrong.

Anyways I do not have a phone right now, I got in trouble and then was told that I have to buy my own phone but when I ask to buy a phone, I was told that it was not time and I need to wait even though I AM PAYING FOR IT!!!!!! But what I was getting at is that the baseball schedule is online and you have to access it through a device and I had to tell the coach that I don’t have a phone. Or a car for that matter to get me to the games and home… and I cant use my sisters car, because she needs it too.

I am so done with this year. I literally am done trying… I cannot get a job until I get my car and I cannot get a phone until I get a job (or until its “allowed”) so what am I supposed to do? This is literally the worst year i’ve had and I think I deserve to be a salty lemon…

So thats that…Garnish-1018x1024 Ignore the strawberry, that thing isn’t important.

Senior Year

Senior year is supposed to be the most iconic year of all, but sometimes that’s not the case. Well that’s not the case for me too… I’ve dreamed forever about all the things I’ve wanted to do this year and I haven’t been able to do any of it. Besides being on homecoming court (that was pretty cool)

I don’t want this post to be me dogging on my senior year.. but seriously if I could do it over I would and I probably wouldn’t be as stupid as I was in the beginning of this year. Fall was my favorite though, I had so much fun at the pumpkin patch and bonfires with my church group. I did find a church group that I think I belong in more than my actual church. (although the church I found is Russian and I am not Russian) Sometimes they talk Russian and English mixed together, but the accents are cool. Not to mention the planet shakers are TO DIE FOR!

As senior year is coming to an end, I took a few senior pics today and I can say I am actually pretty pleased with the outcome.

Senior Sunday eve:DSCF1988.JPGThis is one of the only pictures that wasn’t completely sassy or had cheer stuff in it. (P.S. My mom took this picture) I’m really excited with how they turned out but it made me realize how close I am to graduating!

Advice to and juniors becoming seniors: Enjoy your senior year and also enjoy time with your family. Don’t procrastinate, and do NOT let senioritis get you down. Don’t do anything that could get you in trouble (trust me it doesn’t make for a fun senior year) Even though I know everyone hates hearing it because it is so “cliche” but be yourself. It is so much easier to find out who you are senior year than it will be later, and pretending to be someone else is tiring and a waste of time…

Anyways, love ranting to myself.


Back to the Future!

sv8wnHas anyone ever gone through something and hoped that no matter what you don’t want anyone else to have to go through that? Maybe even give them advice everyday trying to make sure they aren’t going to have to hurt like you did. Well, what do you do?

Me and my boyfriend went through this hard time, well it was actually really normal for us. I was terrible to him and we both made mistakes. Now that we have been through that and have learned from it we are happier than ever. One of our mutual friends is going through the exact same thing, like EXACT! Great Scott! Its crazy and my boyfriend says it enrages him to see things go that way… Well my point of this post is; My boyfriend (His name is Jack) thinks that if he helps them through this and it works then it would be like going back and doing the things he wishes he would have done in our relationship. (Back to the future)

Should this happen or do they need to go through this to work out in the long run like jack and I had to…. Is this like karma? Is karma even a thing that people still believe in or is it going out of style like Horoscopes. ( which are scary true for me… Anyone else?) Well i was just talking about this today and it got me thinking and I guess I just have a bunch of questions and needed to vent them out.

Since I talked about horoscopes mine for the day is:  I’m a CANCER!

Feb 24, 2017 – You may feel insecure about your appearance today, Cancer. This can be a vicious cycle to get into. The result is almost always negative. Rather than pick yourself apart, consider finding ways to accept your looks. Whether it’s your weight or age or anything else, if you can’t accept yourself, you will always find something wrong no matter how many changes you make.”

This could be accurate.. Ive been working on my body lately because I always worry about what I look like, Ive been working out, tanning, and trying not to feel self conscious about what I wear. ( I even wore embarrassed today) * eternally embarrassed*

A tad about me

As my first post on this blog I wanted to tell a little about myself, not that anyone is going to read this. *insert crying laughing face here*

Well anyways my name is Sydni Gold, I am a current resident of Springfield Missouri. I am a current high school Senior (counting down the days). I am writing this blog to help me through college. Well not really help me but so I can express myself in a way that I love. I will be going to college in the fall at Drury University. GO PANTHERS! My sister is my best friend, I will miss her when I go to college.

College will be where I hope to find myself, I want the freedom to be myself and come and go as I please. I cannot wait to go to class and learn about the things that I choose. I am going to major in broadcast journalism (and maybe animation). I have always been a really shy person and when I started my first broadcast class my sophomore year of high school I fell in love with it, it forced me to open up and talk to people as well as it let me be creative. I have always loved to write and that has helped me along the way.

I have gone through many rough patches in high school but meeting my boyfriend was my favorite memory yet. We have been together for almost three years so far, we met a few times before actually talking but I first started talking to him in the summer before sophomore year. He made me so happy, he still does, but it was a great time. We facetimed every night for like 5-10 hours (or until we fell asleep) so when he asked me out it was an obvious yes and our first date was not awkward at all. He is my best friend, I hope we last a long time maybe forever. I really do love him.

Im not sure what else is special about me, I love videography and photography so there may be a lot of pictures up here but thats enough about me for now.