Day 2: (a little late)

Yesterday was the second day on the road but I was so tired after arriving at the hotel after my workout.

Yesterday we left Indianapolis Indiana at 8:30 in the morning, we stopped two hours later at a rest stop and I had to get a coffee. I may be a little addicted to caffeine. We drove through a sketchy part of Columbus and it was a little scary and we had a few places to choose to eat. We went to the Columbus museum of art, that was beautiful! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys art. Those are just a few of the pictures I took. I’m keeping myself busy on these long bus rides by reading and listening to music. The book I’m reading is Extraordinary means the link is for Barnes and noble but it’s $6 at target. I’ll post a list of the songs I’m listening to in another post so keep an eye out! 

For dinner last night we ate at eat’n park it was extremely good! We made it to the hotel around 6 so I went and worked out before settling in. Keeping up with syds travels! 


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