Blog That…

It has been a while since I posted something, things went down and it wasn’t very fun. I’m not ready to share that experience with anyone else yet though.

All I can say is I am moving on with my life, cutting people out that have hurt me mentally and emotionally. You can’t be happy with that constantly dragging you down and as I’m about to start college and a new chapter of my life I really and afford to have part time people in my life.. you’re either here or you’re not. That’s it, no exceptions. 

I am not particularly happy with how I left things but it’s the way things had to be.. I’m very thankful for the people who have stayed with me through it all, you guys are my life savers❤️ 

Well I am going to try (for the third time) to grow my blog, hopefully I can stick with it this time. Hopefully I will have more followers to build a bond with as well.. and I will be leaving for New York in 6 days so make sure and read about that I’ll keep posting updates about it! 

-love syd