Out of Control…

Most people think they have control over their own lives, right? I don’t and that is kinda my fault.. If anyone has read my other articles (unlikely) then you would know that I am grounded until I graduate… but something important happens before I graduate that I won’t have a say in and it has driven me insane these last few days. Which is why I am writing about it here. So here it goes.

What comes before I graduate that could be so important enough to drive someone (especially girls) insane if they don’t get a say in? PROM! I don’t get to be asked to prom by my boyfriend because my parents don’t like my boyfriend (I haven’t gotten to hang out with him in almost 5 months), he won’t be able to pick me up or go take pictures or go out to dinner. All because I don’t have control anymore, my dad said that he will drop me off at prom because he didn’t want to keep me from going.

He didn’t want to keep me from going but now that I can’t go with Jack I don’t even want to go. The whole point of prom, the reason why it is so fun is because you get asked in cute ways and get to look nice for pictures and go out to eat all dressed up and what not, but I don’t get that. So I might as well not go, because what’s the point in spending $300 on a dress when I’m not going to get to do all the things that go along with prom….

I have lost all interest in going to prom if i’m going to be dropped off. Prom isn’t prom if you can’t do all the other things involved with it.

I don’t think anything has ever made me more mad…



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