“He had no ‘sense’ and I had no change”

This post might not have anything to do with the title. My sister just said that one day and I liked the way it sounded.

My sister is always saying funny things, and honestly I am not afraid to say that she is my best friend and one of my favorite people. We literally do everything together and I am going to miss not seeing her everyday, even when she is mean. Okay, my sister is younger than me but physically she is bigger than me and she is like my body guard. I swear when we go places people might think we are together… we split the costs when we go places and when we go to the movies we share a drink and we look NOTHING alike (we have the same chin) that is all and no one believes that we are sisters.

Anyway what I was saying about her being my body guard is last year some people were being mean to me and she said “I can be mean to syd but nobody else can.” and a few weekends ago I went through a hard time and I was crying in her truck and she told me not to cry because she would cry too, I kinda feel like were connected through the bonds of sisterhood. (If that is a thing… I hope so)

Today she left school to go to the doctor and when she came back she got me a drink from McDonalds, it made my day I didn’t even ask her to get me anything. I even gave her a little attitude this morning. (Her driving like driving with a 5 year old.)



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