Salty Lemon

I don’t know if I am having a bad day or if things are just making me angry today but.. DANG! I’m a salty lemon today. I look cute but I have a terrible attitude. I realize I have an attitude but i’m not in the mood to fix my attitude. I will be a salty lemon and everyone can just deal with it for now until I figure out what is wrong.

Anyways I do not have a phone right now, I got in trouble and then was told that I have to buy my own phone but when I ask to buy a phone, I was told that it was not time and I need to wait even though I AM PAYING FOR IT!!!!!! But what I was getting at is that the baseball schedule is online and you have to access it through a device and I had to tell the coach that I don’t have a phone. Or a car for that matter to get me to the games and home… and I cant use my sisters car, because she needs it too.

I am so done with this year. I literally am done trying… I cannot get a job until I get my car and I cannot get a phone until I get a job (or until its “allowed”) so what am I supposed to do? This is literally the worst year i’ve had and I think I deserve to be a salty lemon…

So thats that…Garnish-1018x1024 Ignore the strawberry, that thing isn’t important.


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