Senior Year

Senior year is supposed to be the most iconic year of all, but sometimes that’s not the case. Well that’s not the case for me too… I’ve dreamed forever about all the things I’ve wanted to do this year and I haven’t been able to do any of it. Besides being on homecoming court (that was pretty cool)

I don’t want this post to be me dogging on my senior year.. but seriously if I could do it over I would and I probably wouldn’t be as stupid as I was in the beginning of this year. Fall was my favorite though, I had so much fun at the pumpkin patch and bonfires with my church group. I did find a church group that I think I belong in more than my actual church. (although the church I found is Russian and I am not Russian) Sometimes they talk Russian and English mixed together, but the accents are cool. Not to mention the planet shakers are TO DIE FOR!

As senior year is coming to an end, I took a few senior pics today and I can say I am actually pretty pleased with the outcome.

Senior Sunday eve:DSCF1988.JPGThis is one of the only pictures that wasn’t completely sassy or had cheer stuff in it. (P.S. My mom took this picture) I’m really excited with how they turned out but it made me realize how close I am to graduating!

Advice to and juniors becoming seniors: Enjoy your senior year and also enjoy time with your family. Don’t procrastinate, and do NOT let senioritis get you down. Don’t do anything that could get you in trouble (trust me it doesn’t make for a fun senior year) Even though I know everyone hates hearing it because it is so “cliche” but be yourself. It is so much easier to find out who you are senior year than it will be later, and pretending to be someone else is tiring and a waste of time…

Anyways, love ranting to myself.



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