Back to the Future!

sv8wnHas anyone ever gone through something and hoped that no matter what you don’t want anyone else to have to go through that? Maybe even give them advice everyday trying to make sure they aren’t going to have to hurt like you did. Well, what do you do?

Me and my boyfriend went through this hard time, well it was actually really normal for us. I was terrible to him and we both made mistakes. Now that we have been through that and have learned from it we are happier than ever. One of our mutual friends is going through the exact same thing, like EXACT! Great Scott! Its crazy and my boyfriend says it enrages him to see things go that way… Well my point of this post is; My boyfriend (His name is Jack) thinks that if he helps them through this and it works then it would be like going back and doing the things he wishes he would have done in our relationship. (Back to the future)

Should this happen or do they need to go through this to work out in the long run like jack and I had to…. Is this like karma? Is karma even a thing that people still believe in or is it going out of style like Horoscopes. ( which are scary true for me… Anyone else?) Well i was just talking about this today and it got me thinking and I guess I just have a bunch of questions and needed to vent them out.

Since I talked about horoscopes mine for the day is:  I’m a CANCER!

Feb 24, 2017 – You may feel insecure about your appearance today, Cancer. This can be a vicious cycle to get into. The result is almost always negative. Rather than pick yourself apart, consider finding ways to accept your looks. Whether it’s your weight or age or anything else, if you can’t accept yourself, you will always find something wrong no matter how many changes you make.”

This could be accurate.. Ive been working on my body lately because I always worry about what I look like, Ive been working out, tanning, and trying not to feel self conscious about what I wear. ( I even wore embarrassed today) * eternally embarrassed*


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