A tad about me

As my first post on this blog I wanted to tell a little about myself, not that anyone is going to read this. *insert crying laughing face here*

Well anyways my name is Sydni Gold, I am a current resident of Springfield Missouri. I am a current high school Senior (counting down the days). I am writing this blog to help me through college. Well not really help me but so I can express myself in a way that I love. I will be going to college in the fall at Drury University. GO PANTHERS! My sister is my best friend, I will miss her when I go to college.

College will be where I hope to find myself, I want the freedom to be myself and come and go as I please. I cannot wait to go to class and learn about the things that I choose. I am going to major in broadcast journalism (and maybe animation). I have always been a really shy person and when I started my first broadcast class my sophomore year of high school I fell in love with it, it forced me to open up and talk to people as well as it let me be creative. I have always loved to write and that has helped me along the way.

I have gone through many rough patches in high school but meeting my boyfriend was my favorite memory yet. We have been together for almost three years so far, we met a few times before actually talking but I first started talking to him in the summer before sophomore year. He made me so happy, he still does, but it was a great time. We facetimed every night for like 5-10 hours (or until we fell asleep) so when he asked me out it was an obvious yes and our first date was not awkward at all. He is my best friend, I hope we last a long time maybe forever. I really do love him.

Im not sure what else is special about me, I love videography and photography so there may be a lot of pictures up here but thats enough about me for now.



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